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Recently added TV channels
Azteca 13 Mexico Yes ---
Azteca 7 Mexico Yes ---
Telemundo Mexico Yes ---
Hollywood Premieres USA Yes 200 kbit
Boomerang USA Yes 200 kbit
Plovdiv Tv Bulgaria Yes 2040 kbit
Wine Tv Bulgaria Yes 755 kbit
Stan TV Ukraine Yes 300 kbit
ABC Live USA Yes ---
n-tv Germany Yes 330 kbit
BNP TV Bulgaria Yes 540 kbit
STERREN 24 Netherlands Yes 790 kbit
Imagia TV Chile Yes 235 kbit
SportTV2 Brazil Yes 256 kbit
Top Chef USA Yes 140 kbit
BG FAR TV Bulgaria Yes 430 kbit
TRT 6 Turkey Yes 340 kbit
TRT Avaz Turkey Yes 340 kbit
FinTV Bulgaria Yes 270 kbit
RTP Noticias Portugal Yes 273 kbit
BBC News United Kingdom Yes 1300 kbit
The History Channel USA Yes 138 kbit
BNT 1 Bulgaria Yes 455 kbit
Road Runner Cartoons USA Yes 300 kbit
Dance 247 United Kingdom Yes 780 kbit
Audi TV Germany Yes ---
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