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Recently added TV channels
Net TV Pop Serbia Yes 2300 kbit
Net TV Folk Serbia Yes 2300 kbit
Plovdiv Tv Bulgaria Yes 2040 kbit
HDTV 2 Czech Republic Yes 2000 kbit
Hi-life TV Portugal Yes 2000 kbit
Al Jazeera (English) Qatar Yes 2000 kbit
Sky News United Kingdom Yes 2000 kbit
POTV Bulgaria Yes 2000 kbit
hdtv1 Czech Republic Yes 1600 kbit
Uni TV Veszprem Hungary Yes 1600 kbit
The Research Channel USA Yes 1500 kbit
TCM Belarus Yes 1500 kbit
BBC News United Kingdom Yes 1300 kbit
TV 8 Turkey Yes 1300 kbit
TVN Netherlands Yes 1250 kbit
Moovee United Kingdom Yes 1200 kbit
TVL Belgium Yes 1200 kbit
Gypsy TV Bulgaria Yes 1200 kbit
Margo TV Bulgaria Yes 1200 kbit
Uni TV Hungary No 1200 kbit
TV Aftenbladet Norway Yes 1200 kbit
Slam TV Netherlands Yes 1152 kbit
Exformat Italy Yes 1128 kbit
Seanad Ireland Yes 1120 kbit
Zdrave Bulgaria Yes 1120 kbit
Bagri TV Bulgaria Yes 1120 kbit
HipHop TV Bulgaria Yes 1120 kbit
EMTV Bulgaria Yes 1120 kbit
KUAM Guam No 1120 kbit
Streetclip TV Germany Yes 1100 kbit
PETN Sportschannel Germany Yes 1100 kbit
PETN Musicchannel Germany Yes 1100 kbit
PETN Citychannel Germany Yes 1100 kbit
Hot TV Bulgaria Yes 1100 kbit
WVVH-TV USA Yes 1100 kbit
PETN TV Music Germany Yes 1080 kbit
PG-24 Czech Republic Yes 1024 kbit
NASA - ISS View USA Yes 1000 kbit
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