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Country: Spain
24 TV Entertainment Yes 150 kbit
3 Alacarta Other Yes ---
A3 Noticias 24 News Yes 200 kbit
Antena 3 News Yes 237 kbit
BarcaTV Sports Yes ---
Bloomberg TV Other Yes 35 kbit
Cadena Local Other Yes 300 kbit
Canal 13 Digital Movies Yes 250 kbit
Canal Castello TV Other Yes 200 kbit
Canal GV Sports Yes 130 kbit
Canal Parlamento News Yes 212 kbit
Canal Vasco Other Yes 150 kbit
Cervantes TV Other Yes 800 kbit
Cetelmon Religious Yes 100 kbit
CNH News Yes 700 kbit
CNN+ News Yes 102 kbit
Congreso Political Yes 221 kbit
CRTV Other Yes 150 kbit
El Dia Other Yes ---
El Independiente Other Yes 248 kbit
EspanaFree (250) Movies Yes 250 kbit
EspanaFree (500) Movies Yes 500 kbit
Estrada TV Other Yes 141 kbit
ETB Sat Sports Yes 45 kbit
Euronews News Yes 515 kbit
Galicia TV Other Yes 200 kbit
Gandia Televisio Other Yes 250 kbit
GolTV Sports Yes ---
Granollers TV Other Yes 45 kbit
Infotelevisio Other Yes 100 kbit
Intercomnia esp News Yes 200 kbit
Kiss Tv Entertainment Yes 200 kbit
LaOtra Other Yes 150 kbit
M95 Other Yes 100 kbit
Madrid Webcams Yes 100 kbit
Miguelturra TV Other Yes 273 kbit
Navarra TV Other Yes ---
Ondajerez TV Other Yes 237 kbit
Ono financiero News Yes 100 kbit
RTPA Other Yes ---
RTPA Other Yes 246 kbit
RTV Tarifa Other Yes 170 kbit
RTVA Other Yes ---
RTVV Other Yes 130 kbit
Samaria TV Other Yes 280 kbit
Senado Political Yes ---
Solidaria TV Other Yes 96 kbit
STV Rioja Other Yes 240 kbit
TEF Other Yes ---
Tele 7 Valencia Other Yes 100 kbit
Tele Elda Other Yes 300 kbit
Tele Madrid Sat Sports Yes 200 kbit
Tele Taxi Other Yes 141 kbit
Teleasturias Other Yes 391 kbit
Telecanal Other Yes 100 kbit
Telecinco Other No 271 kbit
Telemadrid Sat Sports Yes 190 kbit
TLG Sports Yes 350 kbit
Tosiriar TV Other Yes 230 kbit
TV Almansa Entertainment Yes 250 kbit
TV Amistad Other Yes 238 kbit
TV Burgos Other Yes 190 kbit
TV Canaria Other Yes 280 kbit
TV Extremadura Other Yes 600 kbit
TV Ferrol Other Yes 100 kbit
TV Girona Other Yes 330 kbit
TV Leon Other Yes 190 kbit
TV Salamanca Other Yes 180 kbit
TV Segovia Other Yes 210 kbit
Tv Slmansa Other Yes 300 kbit
TV Valencia Other Yes 200 kbit
TV Zamora Other Yes 90 kbit
TVE Other Yes 54 kbit
TVE News Yes 100 kbit
TVG Sports Yes 116 kbit
TVG Esp Sports Yes 54 kbit
TVVI Sports Yes 190 kbit
UPV TV Educational Yes 448 kbit
URJC Educational Yes 200 kbit
Videncia TV Lifestyle Yes 748 kbit
VTV Religious Yes 200 kbit
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