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Country: United Kingdom
3BTV Other Yes 341 kbit
ABC 12 News Yes 405 kbit
BBC 4 Other Yes ---
BBC Click News No 250 kbit
BBC News News Yes 1300 kbit
BBC Newsnight News No 225 kbit
BBC Panorama News No 225 kbit
BBC Parliament Political Yes 270 kbit
BBC Question Time News No 225 kbit
BBC Sport Sports Yes ---
Bid TV Lifestyle Yes 240 kbit
Big Pond TV Sports Yes 371 kbit
BME Cartoon Kids Yes 310 kbit
BMETV Other Yes 340 kbit
BMETV Other Yes ---
Bravo UK Educational Yes 300 kbit
CBBC Newsround News Yes 200 kbit
Channel 125 Music Yes 280 kbit
Channel M Other Yes 400 kbit
ChelseaTV Sports Yes ---
City Pulse 24 News Yes 200 kbit
College Sports TV Sports Yes 500 kbit
Create & Craft Lifestyle Yes 222 kbit
Crimbo TV Other Yes 450 kbit
Dance 247 Music Yes 780 kbit
E-Music Television Music Yes 200 kbit
E-Music TV Music Yes 203 kbit
Edinburgh Webcams Yes 120 kbit
Gems TV Other Yes 380 kbit
Gems TV2 Lifestyle Yes 380 kbit
Glasgow TV Other Yes ---
Glasgow TV Entertainment Yes 400 kbit
Globetrekker TV Other Yes 200 kbit
GNF Entertainment Movies Yes 150 kbit
GOD TV Religious Yes 250 kbit
High TV Sports Yes ---
Hyp TV Entertainment Yes 400 kbit
Ideal Vitality Lifestyle Yes 100 kbit
Ideal World Lifestyle Yes 350 kbit
Information TV Other Yes 391 kbit
INI TV Religious Yes 300 kbit
ITV Local Other Yes ---
Kwiz TV Lifestyle Yes 400 kbit
ManUTV Sports Yes ---
Ministry of Sound Music Yes 400 kbit
MNN 34 Entertainment Yes 213 kbit
Moovee Movies Yes 1200 kbit
MTA Religious Yes 300 kbit
MTA Muslim TV Religious Yes 300 kbit
Only Music Music Yes 300 kbit
QVC UK Lifestyle Yes 100 kbit
QVC UK Other Yes 100 kbit
Real Estate TV Lifestyle Yes 400 kbit
Reel Good TV Movies Yes 300 kbit
Revelation TV Religious Yes 391 kbit
Setanta News Sports Yes 140 kbit
Shop time Entertainment Yes 300 kbit
Sky News Yes 300 kbit
Sky News News Yes 2000 kbit
Smashits TV Music Yes 600 kbit
Speed Auction Lifestyle Yes 80 kbit
Sportal Sports Yes 430 kbit
Sportbox Sports Yes ---
STV (East Central) Other Yes 500 kbit
STV (North) Other Yes 500 kbit
Superstore Lifestyle Yes 500 kbit
Thane Direct Lifestyle Yes 80 kbit
Tiscali TV Entertainment Yes 384 kbit
TMF Eternal Hits Music Yes 400 kbit
Tourist TV Other Yes ---
Trouble TV Educational Yes 110 kbit
TTTV News No 50 kbit
TV Mainstream Educational Yes 216 kbit
View TV Movies Yes 150 kbit
Wam TV Music Yes 400 kbit
WAMTV Music Yes 340 kbit
Webtv Other Yes 400 kbit
Wimbledon 1 (Live) Sports Yes 1000 kbit
Worldart TV Entertainment Yes 340 kbit
Xima Sports Yes ---
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