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Country: Bulgaria
Zdrave Educational Yes 1120 kbit
WineArt TV Entertainment Yes 350 kbit
Wine Tv Other Yes 755 kbit
VTV Other Yes 500 kbit
TVMS2 Movies Yes ---
TV2 Other Yes 270 kbit
TV Estate Lifestyle Yes 185 kbit
TV Andrea Music Yes 500 kbit
TSTV Music Yes ---
Travel TV Lifestyle Yes 500 kbit
Tiankov TV Music Yes 600 kbit
The Voice Music Yes ---
Tangra Tv Music Yes 900 kbit
Rock TV Music Yes ---
Ring TV (Flash) Sports Yes 350 kbit
Re:TV Sports Yes 500 kbit
Power Television Other Yes 150 kbit
POTV News Yes 2000 kbit
Plovdiv Tv Other Yes 2040 kbit
Planeta TV Music Yes 400 kbit
Planeta Folk Music Yes 400 kbit
OKO TV Other Yes ---
NOVA Other Yes 300 kbit
MyTV Other Yes ---
MySite-BG TV Other Yes 200 kbit
Muzi4ka TV Music Yes 150 kbit
MNTV Entertainment Yes 500 kbit
MM Tv Music Yes ---
Meteo TV Weather Yes 150 kbit
Margo TV Music Yes 1200 kbit
MAD TV Music Yes 300 kbit
Live 7 Music Yes 500 kbit
Kanal 3 Other Yes ---
Hot TV Other Yes 1100 kbit
HipHop TV Music Yes 1120 kbit
HBO Movies Yes 320 kbit
Gypsy TV Other Yes 1200 kbit
Gold TV Music Yes ---
Forum BG Other Yes ---
FolkMusicTV Music Yes 500 kbit
Folk TV Music Yes ---
FinTV Other Yes 270 kbit
Eurofootball (QT) Sports Yes 300 kbit
Eurofolk Music Yes 300 kbit
EMTV Music Yes 1120 kbit
EKids Kids Yes 400 kbit
Eco Bulgaria Other Yes 500 kbit
Dzhina TV Music Yes 200 kbit
Discoteka TV Music Yes 150 kbit
DETV2 Kids Yes ---
DETV Kids Yes ---
City TV Music Yes 600 kbit
ChristianTV Religious Yes 300 kbit
Chalga TV Music Yes ---
bTV (Int.) Other Yes ---
bTV Other Yes 500 kbit
BTK Other Yes 290 kbit
BNT Sat Other Yes 755 kbit
BNT 1 Other Yes 455 kbit
BNP TV Other Yes 540 kbit
BGMANIA/music Music Yes 500 kbit
BG TV Other Yes ---
BG Folk Music Yes ---
BG FAR TV Other Yes 430 kbit
Bagri TV Music Yes 1120 kbit
Azis TV Music Yes ---
7 Dni Entertainment Yes 200 kbit
100% AutoMoto TV Sports Yes 1000 kbit
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