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Country: Chile
Canal 13 Religious Yes 115 kbit
Canal 13 Cable Religious Yes 115 kbit
Canal 33 Temuco Other Yes 540 kbit
Canal 5 Other Yes 200 kbit
Canal 54 Other Yes 398 kbit
CCTV-11 Other Yes 200 kbit
CD tv Political Yes 193 kbit
Chilevision Other Yes 145 kbit
CNN Chile News No ---
Imagia TV Other Yes 235 kbit
Mega TV Other Yes ---
Nuevo Tiempo Religious Yes 121 kbit
TCC Other Yes 300 kbit
Telecanal Other Yes 220 kbit
TV Chile Other Yes 225 kbit
TV Colo Colo Other Yes 150 kbit
TV mas canal 22 Other Yes 102 kbit
TV5 Linares Other Yes 150 kbit
UCVTV Other Yes 46 kbit
Uniacc Entertainment Yes 147 kbit
VTC4 Other Yes 200 kbit
Yuma 77 Other Yes 160 kbit
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