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Country: France
AB Moteurs Other Yes 380 kbit
Art Channel Other Yes 200 kbit
Arte Educational No 255 kbit
Assemblee Nationale News Yes 170 kbit
Astro Center Educational No 272 kbit
ASTV Other Yes 400 kbit
BFM TV News Yes 350 kbit
Boardriders TV Sports Yes 500 kbit
C9 News Yes 464 kbit
C9 Television Other Yes 289 kbit
Calais TV Other Yes 398 kbit
Canal Nord Amiens Other Yes 250 kbit
Canalmoza Music Yes 350 kbit
Ciel Tv News Yes 700 kbit
Citevents Bordeaux Other Yes 400 kbit
Clap TV Music Yes 350 kbit
CNES Other Yes ---
Corricalnd Web TV Kids Yes 500 kbit
CT2E TV Other Yes 200 kbit
Demain News Yes 100 kbit
Direct 8 Other Yes ---
Euronews News Yes 300 kbit
Eurosport News Sports Yes 700 kbit
Fish TV Sports Yes 390 kbit
France 2 Other Yes ---
France 24 (Arabic) News Yes 398 kbit
France 24 (French) Other Yes 400 kbit
France 3 News Yes ---
France 5 Other Yes ---
France Teleachat Other Yes 512 kbit
Grosse Caisse Music Yes 580 kbit
Hip Hop Television Music Yes 512 kbit
Inraci Movies Yes 40 kbit
Itele News Yes ---
Jet TV Entertainment Yes 300 kbit
Labelle TV Music Yes 323 kbit
LCI News Yes 341 kbit
LCI News Yes 150 kbit
LCP Political Yes 150 kbit
LTV Other Yes ---
M6 Other Yes ---
MavilleTV Other Yes ---
MBOATV Music Yes 300 kbit
MCM Music Yes 800 kbit
MCM Music Yes 750 kbit
Mezzo Music No ---
Mosaik TV Other Yes ---
Much Music Music Yes ---
Mulivan TV Music Yes 370 kbit
Nantes 7 Other Yes ---
NRJ Dance Music Yes 750 kbit
NRJ Groove Music Yes 800 kbit
NRJ Hits Music Yes 760 kbit
NRJ Pop Rock Music Yes 600 kbit
OC-TV Other Yes ---
Orange sports Sports Yes 700 kbit
Paris Cap Other Yes 360 kbit
Perpignan TV Other Yes 565 kbit
R. King TV Music Yes 240 kbit
RFO Other Yes ---
RTL Other Yes 280 kbit
Seven Television Music Yes 512 kbit
Short movie Movies Yes 512 kbit
Soleil TV Music Yes ---
Tele 102 Other Yes 300 kbit
Tele 102 Other Yes 331 kbit
Telenight.com Other Yes 520 kbit
TelEssonne Other Yes 341 kbit
TF1 Other Yes ---
The LOL TV Entertainment Yes 320 kbit
TSR News News Yes 900 kbit
Tumbuktoo TV Music Yes 100 kbit
TV 8 Mont Blanc Other Yes 60 kbit
TV 8 Moselle Other Yes 300 kbit
TV Azur Other Yes ---
TV Breizh Other Yes ---
TV Grenoble Other Yes 400 kbit
TV Rennes 35 Other Yes 350 kbit
TV5 Asie News Yes ---
TVPI Bayonne Other Yes 450 kbit
TVSF Entertainment Yes 500 kbit
ZooMTV Music Yes ---
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