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Country: Italy
24 Ore TV News Yes ---
3 Channel Other Yes 320 kbit
AGR TV Religious Yes 200 kbit
All Music Music Yes 242 kbit
Antenna 6 Other Yes 280 kbit
Antenna Sicilia Other Yes 220 kbit
Canale 10 Other Yes 200 kbit
Canale 7 Other Yes 480 kbit
Canale 9 Other Yes 150 kbit
Carpe Diem Sat Other Yes 300 kbit
CBL Film Other Yes 255 kbit
CBL Movies Movies Yes 200 kbit
Deejay TV Music Yes ---
DeeJay TV Music Yes 242 kbit
E-TV Sports Yes 340 kbit
EBS Other Yes 45 kbit
Emy TV Other Yes 331 kbit
Exformat Other Yes 1128 kbit
GRP Other Yes 35 kbit
Impresa Live Political Yes 350 kbit
InteracTV Other Yes ---
Italia News News No 300 kbit
Katodica Music Yes ---
LA8 Romagna Other Yes 273 kbit
Lira TV Other Yes 75 kbit
Mediashopping Other Yes 250 kbit
Mediatel WebTV Other Yes 158 kbit
Meteo Channel Weather No 542 kbit
Oasi TV Other No 245 kbit
Play TV Other Yes 95 kbit
PNBox TV Other Yes 350 kbit
Pordenone TV Other Yes 423 kbit
Primocanale Other Yes 331 kbit
Radio SNJ Other Yes 150 kbit
Rai Due Other Yes ---
Rai Gulp Kids Yes 512 kbit
Rai News News Yes 300 kbit
Rai Sport Sports Yes 600 kbit
Rai TG1 News Yes 280 kbit
Rai TG2 News Yes 150 kbit
Rai TG2 News Yes 350 kbit
Rai TG3 News Yes 150 kbit
Rai TG3 News Yes 300 kbit
Rai Uno Other Yes ---
RDC News Other Yes ---
Repubblica News Yes 232 kbit
Retesole Perugia Other Yes 192 kbit
Retesole Roma Other Yes 192 kbit
RMK TV Entertainment Yes 104 kbit
Rock Television Music Yes 440 kbit
Rock TV 6 Music Yes 335 kbit
SAT 200 Entertainment Yes 310 kbit
Sicilia TV Other Yes 80 kbit
Sky 869 Other Yes 300 kbit
Sky 906 Other Yes 222 kbit
Sky life TG24 Other Yes 539 kbit
Skylife Weather Yes ---
Sport Italia 24 Sports Yes 500 kbit
T1 Other Yes 239 kbit
Tef Channel Other Yes 273 kbit
Tele 90 News Yes 123 kbit
Tele D1 Other Yes 270 kbit
Tele Iride Other Yes 60 kbit
Tele Liguria Sud Other Yes 311 kbit
Tele Rama News Other Yes 172 kbit
Tele1 Entertainment Yes 110 kbit
Telecapri Sports Yes 140 kbit
Telecitta Other Yes ---
Telemolise Other Yes 90 kbit
Telepordenone Educational Yes 250 kbit
Telereggio Calabria Other Yes 150 kbit
Teleregione Other Yes 289 kbit
Teletruria Sports Yes 387 kbit
TG 9 Other Yes ---
TG5 Other Yes ---
TG7 News No 190 kbit
TizaniaLotto Music Yes 20 kbit
Tizianasat Other Yes 45 kbit
TLT Molise News Yes ---
TRBC Religious Yes 50 kbit
TRS TV Other Yes 258 kbit
TRSP Other Yes 40 kbit
TV Agus Other Yes ---
TV Castello Other Yes 128 kbit
TV Fly Music Yes 200 kbit
TV Gold Other Yes 212 kbit
TV Mediterraneo Sports Yes 50 kbit
TV Oggi Sports Yes 550 kbit
TV Padre Pio Religious Yes 100 kbit
TV Parma Other No 250 kbit
TVN Other Yes ---
Videolina Other Yes 273 kbit
Zoo TV Music Yes ---
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