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Country: Netherlands
2e Kamer Political Yes 300 kbit
3 voor 12 Central Music Yes 791 kbit
3voor12 Music Yes 800 kbit
ANP News Yes ---
Arabsounds Music Yes ---
Arena TV Other Yes 200 kbit
AT 5 Other Yes 512 kbit
AT5 Other Yes 523 kbit
BDTV Other Yes ---
Brug TV Other Yes 500 kbit
Business Class News No 500 kbit
Consumenten TV Other Yes 800 kbit
Cultura Other Yes 250 kbit
Demet TV Other Yes ---
EDTV Other Yes ---
ETV Educational Yes 391 kbit
Exploding TV Movies No 750 kbit
Fabchannel Music Yes ---
Festival TV Other No 700 kbit
Feyenoord TV Sports Yes 200 kbit
FTV News Yes ---
Geloven (NCRV) Religious Yes 790 kbit
Geschiedenis TV Other Yes 500 kbit
Geschiedenis VPRO Movies Yes 200 kbit
GPTV Other Yes 469 kbit
Graafschap TV Other Yes 490 kbit
Graafshap TV Other Yes 500 kbit
Handball TV Sports Yes 520 kbit
Hilversum best Other Yes 800 kbit
Holland Doc Other Yes 300 kbit
Hollanddoc Movies Yes 500 kbit
iTV Elst Other Yes ---
Jeugdjournaal Webcams Yes 291 kbit
KRO Educational Yes 700 kbit
KRO - Kindertijd Kids Yes 500 kbit
Maxx-xs Movies Yes 750 kbit
Museum TV Other No 800 kbit
Nederland-e Educational Yes 800 kbit
Netwerk Other Yes ---
New Energy Other Yes ---
Nick Hits Music Yes 529 kbit
NOC NSF 2 Sports Yes 800 kbit
NOS Jeugd journaal News No 500 kbit
NOS Journaal News Yes 800 kbit
NOS Journaal1 News No 450 kbit
NOS Journaal2 News Yes 800 kbit
Nostalgie Net Entertainment Yes 1000 kbit
NOVA TV Other Yes ---
Nu.tv News Yes ---
Omroep Flevoland News No 630 kbit
Omroep Fryslan News Yes 240 kbit
Omroep Gelderland Other Yes 147 kbit
Oog TV Other Yes 150 kbit
Oog TV Other Yes 152 kbit
PI6ATV Other Yes 320 kbit
Planet Other Yes ---
Politiek 24 Political Yes 791 kbit
Radio 3 FM Webcams Yes 380 kbit
Radio 538 Webcams Yes 250 kbit
Regio 22 Other Yes 331 kbit
RNN7 TV Other Yes 320 kbit
RTL Other Yes ---
RTLZ News Yes 800 kbit
RTV Channel Music Yes 1000 kbit
RTV Drenthe Other Yes 300 kbit
RTV Katwijk Other Yes 297 kbit
RTV Noord Other Yes 270 kbit
RTV Noord Holland News Yes 400 kbit
RTV Oost Other Yes 520 kbit
RTV West Other Yes 530 kbit
RTV10 Other Yes ---
Slam TV Music Yes 1152 kbit
Stads TV Utrecht Other Yes 500 kbit
STERREN 24 Music Yes 790 kbit
Talpa TV Sports Yes 780 kbit
Terena Cam Webcams Yes 900 kbit
TMF NL Music Yes 515 kbit
TMF Party Music Yes 525 kbit
TMF Pure Music Yes 500 kbit
Tros Radar Other Yes ---
Tros Sterren Music Yes 800 kbit
TV Ellef Other Yes ---
TV Limburg Other Yes 500 kbit
TV Limburg Other Yes 500 kbit
TV West Other Yes 530 kbit
TVN Other Yes 1250 kbit
Vara Humor Entertainment Yes 791 kbit
VPRO Music Yes 790 kbit
VPRO Movies Yes 800 kbit
VPRO 2 Music Yes 790 kbit
VPRO Hollanddoc Movies Yes 200 kbit
Zeezicht Webcams Yes 800 kbit
Zeilsteen TV Music Yes 170 kbit
Zoom.in News Yes ---
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