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Country: Portugal
 SIC Other Yes 150 kbit
All TV Other Yes 150 kbit
Enlace Religious Yes 150 kbit
Guimaraes TV Educational Yes 252 kbit
Hi-life TV Sports Yes 2000 kbit
Loures TV Entertainment Yes 600 kbit
Mana Sat Religious Yes 128 kbit
Minho Actual TV Other Yes 160 kbit
Regi TV Other Yes 285 kbit
RTP 1 Other Yes 141 kbit
RTP Directo Other Yes 500 kbit
RTP Noticias News Yes 273 kbit
RTP2 News Yes 170 kbit
SIC Other Yes ---
TV Beja Other Yes ---
TV Ciencia News No 612 kbit
TV Gaia Global News Yes 150 kbit
TV Net Other Yes 250 kbit
Viseu TV Other Yes 100 kbit
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