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Genre: Lifestyle
1-2-3 TV Germany Yes 290 kbit
America's store USA Yes 748 kbit
Astro TV Germany Yes 300 kbit
AVC USA Yes 290 kbit
Bid TV United Kingdom Yes 240 kbit
Bietbox TV Germany Yes 300 kbit
Eskuvo TV Hungary Yes 478 kbit
Fashion TV Germany Yes 500 kbit
Gems TV2 United Kingdom Yes 380 kbit
Hollywood Premieres USA Yes 200 kbit
HSE 24 Germany Yes 300 kbit
HSE 24 Digital Germany Yes 300 kbit
HSN USA Yes 748 kbit
Jewelry TV USA Yes 300 kbit
Kwiz TV United Kingdom Yes 400 kbit
Lahse TV USA Yes 110 kbit
Lifestyle Network USA Yes 500 kbit
Miami TV Models USA Yes 450 kbit
Mundo Magico TV Spain Yes 100 kbit
Primetime TV Germany Yes 280 kbit
QVC Japan Yes 285 kbit
QVC Germany Yes 350 kbit
QVC USA Yes 100 kbit
QVC UK United Kingdom Yes 100 kbit
RTL Shop Germany Yes 500 kbit
Shop NBC USA Yes 300 kbit
Shopping TVA Canada Yes 269 kbit
ShopTV Canada Canada Yes 220 kbit
Sonnenklar.tv Germany Yes 280 kbit
Superstore United Kingdom Yes 500 kbit
The knot TV USA Yes 312 kbit
Travel TV Bulgaria Yes 500 kbit
TV Estate Bulgaria Yes 185 kbit
TV shop Germany Yes 300 kbit
TVN GRA Poland Yes 490 kbit
TVSN Australia Yes 173 kbit
Videncia TV Spain Yes 748 kbit
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