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Genre: Educational
21 TV USA Yes 150 kbit
3CTV USA Yes 500 kbit
Annenberg USA Yes 331 kbit
Arena TV Turkey Yes 700 kbit
Arte France No 255 kbit
Astro Center France No 272 kbit
Astro TV Mexico Yes 100 kbit
AT TV USA Yes 350 kbit
BECTV USA Yes 100 kbit
Bilim Kultur TV Turkey Yes 233 kbit
BR Alpha Germany Yes ---
Bravo UK United Kingdom Yes 300 kbit
Cal Poly Pomona USA Yes 245 kbit
Campus TV Germany Yes 330 kbit
Canal 15 Costa Rica Yes 100 kbit
CCCSAT USA Yes 380 kbit
Charlote County TV USA Yes 260 kbit
CSU TV USA Yes 410 kbit
Csumb TV USA Yes 270 kbit
CTV Canada Canada Yes 100 kbit
CVC TV Brazil Yes 185 kbit
Digestiv TV Switzerland Yes 250 kbit
Discovery Science USA Yes 140 kbit
Dost TV Turkey Yes 112 kbit
Earth Channel USA Yes 350 kbit
Embratel 21 Brazil Yes 250 kbit
EMS Emergency USA Yes 320 kbit
ETV Netherlands Yes 391 kbit
Faap TV Brazil Yes 141 kbit
France 3, Corse France Yes 250 kbit
Global Country USA Yes 30 kbit
GMUTV USA Yes 141 kbit
Guimaraes TV Portugal Yes 252 kbit
Help TV Germany Yes 359 kbit
Huascarán Peru Yes ---
Ita Web TV Argentina Yes 150 kbit
KAMU TV USA Yes 222 kbit
KLRN USA Yes 250 kbit
KRO Netherlands Yes 700 kbit
LA36 USA Yes 230 kbit
Life 4-U Germany Yes 680 kbit
Matele Belgium Yes 100 kbit
MISD USA Yes 273 kbit
NASA - ISS View USA Yes 1000 kbit
NASA TV USA Yes 1000 kbit
NASA TV - Media USA Yes 1000 kbit
National Geographic China Yes 732 kbit
Nederland-e Netherlands Yes 800 kbit
ODTU TV Turkey Yes 539 kbit
OR Live USA Yes ---
PDS TV Ch. 14 USA Yes 374 kbit
PPIX Argentina Yes 141 kbit
Press TV (English) Iran Yes 300 kbit
RTVE Brazil Yes 95 kbit
SCCtv USA Yes 340 kbit
SSC TV USA Yes 330 kbit
STN Channel 2 USA Yes 250 kbit
Strawberry TV USA Yes 98 kbit
Tamil Nadu BJP India Yes 140 kbit
Tele Medial Germany Yes 302 kbit
Teleantioquia Colombia Yes 100 kbit
Telepordenone Italy Yes 250 kbit
The History Channel USA Yes 138 kbit
The Patient Channel USA Yes 320 kbit
The Research Channel USA Yes 1500 kbit
TV 24 USA Yes ---
TV Horizonte Brazil Yes 530 kbit
TV Seculo 21 Brazil Yes 45 kbit
Tv Senado 2 Brazil Yes 141 kbit
TV UFPE Brazil Yes 40 kbit
UATV USA Yes 225 kbit
UCTV USA Yes 151 kbit
UCTV USA Yes ---
UMTV USA Yes 400 kbit
Uni TV Veszprem Hungary Yes 1600 kbit
UPV TV Spain Yes 448 kbit
URJC Spain Yes 200 kbit
UW2TV USA Yes 250 kbit
UWTV USA Yes 220 kbit
WETN USA Yes 339 kbit
WoodWork TV USA Yes 312 kbit
WUWF TV USA Yes 539 kbit
XEN.ON Germany Yes 625 kbit
Zdrave Bulgaria Yes 1120 kbit
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