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Can't watch TV!
Probably you have old version of the required player to watch the TV. We're recommending to install the newest version of the player:
Windows Media Player

I can't watch TV with Mozilla Firefox!
If you have the newest version of the required player, then probably the problem is in your browser. We're recommending the newest version of Mozilla Firefox.

Is it possible to watch TV with Safari on Mac OS?
Yes, you could watch most of the channels. For those of them who requires Windows Media Player, you need to install Flip4Mac™ WMV components for QuickTime.

Some channels are not playing good.
The problem could be your Internet connection or the channel speed.

I can't register! I got message "the e-mail address is already in our database" all the time.
That happens because we've already a registration with the choosen e-mail address. You could use another e-mail address or if you want we could send you the login information. To do this, please click here.

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